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The Omega Centauri Project
495 Words Introduction

The project consists of three experimental films produced and directed by Christine Vandemoortele.

“...tiny, innumerable, fleeting psychological reactions which lie beneath the surface of our formulated words, emotions and thoughts.” TROPISMES Nathalie Sarraute. Sheila Bell’s introduction.

'CONVERSATION IS NOT COMPULSORY’, ‘HAVE I SPOKEN OUT OF TURN?’ and ‘WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY’ are the result of collaborations with stellar astrophysicist Professor Francesco R. Ferraro, composer Alejandro Viñao, and film editor Daniel Goddard.

The three films were completed in 2010 and each one is approximately thirty minutes long. Ideally, they would be presented in a dark, underground space: each playing simultaneously in separate, but connected, caverns. The interconnected different spaces would allow sound fragments from the other films to reach visitors as they moved between all three areas.

Should you wish to contact Christine Vandemoortele, or if you have any comments or questions about THE OMEGA CENTAURI PROJECT films please email magic.shortfilm@gmail.com.

All three films are available for sale as a box set on DVD or Blu-Ray from magic.shortfilm@gmail.com.

Screening information will appear as soon as it becomes available.