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The Omega Centauri Project
9 Words Process

THE OMEGA CENTAURI PROJECT was inspired by a cluster of over a million stars and by a question: What might happen if individual human emotions, moving through space and time, met each other by chance?

Astrophysicist Francesco R. Ferraro described how each star inside Omega Centauri has its own orbit and that each trajectory can be unpredictable. He created a computer simulation of a thousand numbered star orbits based on the dimension, distance and mass of the cluster. He produced three sequences of random encounters of stars taken at one-million-year intervals.

I wrote and numbered a thousand sentences, each one familiar but with a clear emotional line. Each fragment was twinned with a star in Professor Ferraro's simulation and three scripts emerged from chance encounters of different emotions. Composer Alejandro Viñao designed and produced three 30-minute pieces, integrating the recorded sentences.

Film editor Daniel Goddard transformed pages of research data on Omega Centauri provided by Professor Ferraro into the abstract emotional landscapes of the films.