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The Omega Centauri Project
513 Words Collaborations

Original idea Developed and Produced by Christine Vandemoortele

Special thanks to Professor Francesco R. Ferraro Stellar Astrophysicist – University of Bologna

Music Composed and Produced by Alejandro Viñao www.vinao.com
Visual Design and Editing Daniel Goddard www.honeybrothers.com

Text Christine Vandemoortele

CONVERSATION IS NOT COMPULSORY Film 1 Voices: Nigel Anthony, Nimmy March, Susan Sheridan, Peter Marinker
HAVE I SPOKEN OUT OF TURN? Film 2 Voices: Barbara Barnes, Mark Lockyer, Teresa Gallagher, Susan Sheridan
WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY Film 3 Voices: Lyndam Gregory, Peter Marinker, Juliet Prague, Barbara Barnes

Post Production Supervisor Shaku Lalvani
Visual Raw Material Francesco R. Ferraro www.unibo.it
Voice recordings David Stevens about.me

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